Magnetic soles

Magnetic soles from the Nikken brand

Pain, discomfort, are you looking for magnetic insoles?


It is actually the placement and quality of the magnets that matters in creating a sufficient magnetic field.
Our nervous system being reactive to the magnetic field, the magnets of the magnetic soles act on our state in a beneficial way.
The advantage is that this method of magnetic insoles is discreet and can be worn all day.
It’s convenient and efficient.

The Nikken brand has developed two types of magnetic soles for women and for men. The Kenko Mstrides and the Kenko Msteps.

Kenko Mstrides magnetic soles

The Kenko Mstrides which are going to be for daily walking, at work, for brisk walking, sports. It is a flat sole with both ends that can be chiseled to fit your shoe size perfectly.

Kenko Msteps magnetic soles.

The Kenko Msteps are also going to be for daily use but they also feature massage nodules. This will be able to stimulate your plantar reflexology.
By massaging specific areas of your foot, you can positively influence specific organs.
The principle of foot reflexology is that the foot represents a schematic image of the body as a whole and its respective organs.

Why choose Nikken brand magnetic soles ?

Nikken know-how:

The mSteps magnetic soles are the result of an innovation and an evolution dating from 1975. Nikken is a Japanese company which introduced the first magnetic soles in Japan whose surface was inspired by the pebbles found under the feet in the baths Japanese audiences. The Japanese are far ahead of the attention given to magnets and the use of magnets to provide well-being.

Due to the technologies used and the knowledge accumulated, Nikken magnetic soles are sold all over the world.

The patented Dynaflux technology in detail :

• DynaFlux places the individual magnets in polar opposition (positive or negative poles facing each other) at several points
• The magnetic field is intensified, producing a flux path that extends further from the surface
• DynaFlux is the only technology using permanent magnets that can accomplish this, without requiring an increase in gauss force.
• Multiple angles provide 100% magnetic coverage
• DynaFlux allows each magnet a precisely controlled degree of movement


The Nikken brand only sells its products through its consultants to ensure up-to-date and quality service. I am a consultant for the Nikken brand

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The benefits of magnetic insoles

The specificity of these soles is that they are made up of a lot of magnets. These magnets will create a magnetic field in a homogeneous way which will send a signal to the brains leading to release the endorphin.

In the benefits of magnetic insoles we find good blood circulation, better recovery in a person with leg pain. The big advantage with magnetic insoles is that you can wear them every day and all day.

The usefulness of the magnet for health

The neodymium magnet is the most powerful of the magnets. This is the one used in Nikken products. By the magnetic field and the strategic placement taking into account the poles on the magnetic soles, it gives a capacity to the magnets which can be beneficial for our physical state in the long term.

With our current lifestyle, energy rebalancing is sometimes necessary. Energy rebalancing is not to be taken lightly when it comes to wellness and health. It is based on this that the body is able to perform the various tasks best on a daily basis. Thus, in the event of an imbalance of body energy, it is recommended to resort to the benefit of magnets, which is a discipline that is both relaxing and beneficial.