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True Elements ™ organic marine cosmetics

When creating True Elements organic marine cosmetics, Nikken took inspiration from the mineral-rich waters of the oceans and Iroise Sea-specific seaweed specific off the coast of Brittany. The True Elements range is organic certified by Ecocert. This provides a certain level of assurance, important for clients who understand that skin care is health care.

The True Elements range is a natural luxurious range, GMO-free, preservative-free, paraben-free. It is Ecocert greenlife and bioethical certified. That results from 15 years of research and helps restructuring and re-mineralisation of the skin.

Marine cosmetics – Characteristics of the certification:

99.06% of natural ingredients.
20.85% of ingredients from Organic Farming.


Rebalance the pH of your skin to harmonise your body’s natural chemistry.

All of our marine cosmetics products are pure, organic and guaranteed free from parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEG, EDTA, colorings and other artificial aromas.


True Elements received the very prestigious H. Pirantioni Innovation Award at the 45th International Aesthetics Congress in Paris.

Seaweed from the Brittany coast

The sea is the birthplace of life. And of course, this is where, for countless years, we have been able to find the perfect ingredients for natural skin care.

Seaweed has been used for thousands of years for the care and nutrition of the skin. They are naturally rich in trace elements, mineral salts and active ingredients which work in association with our own biological system.
Indeed, there are many varieties of seaweed, which have all developed their own ingredients treasures for natural and effective skin care, such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and trace elements. All of these elements working in synergy can provide incredible benefits to the skin.

True Elements is a range of organic, paraben-free, high-quality skin care products made from gently cultivated seaweed (responsibly and sustainably), because when it comes to skin care in perfect balance with our own delicate and complex system, nature has all the right answers.

Specially created to hydrate, revitalize, tone and firm your skin, each item in our new range has a specific task. However, in each of them, the skin benefits have been intensified by the careful selection of unique blends of red, brown and green seaweeds, full of natural minerals. Gently applied processes – gentle drying, micronisation and concentration – were also used to extract the most active ingredients from the seaweeds, and preserve their properties in the final product. As an example of a thought that came true for our range, Tonic Lotion contains spray-dried seawater, which is incredibly close to blood plasma in its chemical composition, which allows your body to absorb nutrients by osmosis.


Ecological and organic marine cosmetics

Ecocert was the very first certification organisation to develop a standard for ecological and organic cosmetics.


True Element has been awarded with the Innovation Prize



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