The restorative sleep system from Nikken

The Nikken Sleep System is scientifically designed to increase relaxation and support a range of physical and mental functions, for restorative and refreshing sleep.

Nikken products

The sleep system consists of a Nikken Naturest® Kenkopad®, a KenkoDream® duvet and a Nikken Naturest® pillow. Each component is equipped with advanced technology designed to improve the quality of your sleep.

The Nikken Naturest® Kenkopad does not have springs. It is designed to fit the curves of the body.
This prevents the formation of pressure points that can interrupt sleep or prevent the sleeper from achieving optimal rest. The latex base is steady but comfortable, and sag-resistant. This support system is designed to suit all body types.


Magnetic components

The Dynaflux Technology of the Nikken Naturest® Kenkopad and the Nikken Naturest® pillow includes spherical neodymium magnets, which produce a series of superimposed magnetic fields.
This Magnetic Technology creates a cocoon of magnetism that envelops the sleeper and improves restful sleep.


Massage effect

A massage effect layer is located directly under the cover of the Kenkopad. This layer is a nodule surface which provides a sensation of passive massage. It uses the movements of the sleeper to create gentle stimulation and help relieve tension.


Integrated ventilation

The ventilation enables the free circulation of air inside the various components, without creating draughts. The latex foam and the ventilation of the fabric isolate the air, without trapping it in hot places.


Far Infrared Technology

Nikken’s Far Infrared Technology absorbs energy from different sources such as sunlight, body temperature or room temperature and reflects it in the Far Infrared portion of the spectrum. Reactive energy fibers constantly receive energy and give it off in the form of gentle heat. On hot days, these fibers reach their limit of energy absorbed, and the excess heat will pass through the duvet material and go away.

Ionic Comfort Technology

Ionic Comfort Technology is the name of a subsystem included in the components of the sleep system, which produces Negative Ions. Those charged particles are odorless and invisible and recall those found in the air in forests and near waterfalls. They are emitted by fibers settled in the duvet and help provide a feeling of relaxation.


Advanced pillow design

The Nikken Naturest® pillow contains a special filling of latex flakes. It is designed to allow the user to remove or add filling to achieve the perfect firmness. Latex is particularly strong and does not flatten. A special inner support holds the neck and head up to ensure proper alignment of the spine.

A PowerSleep ™ sleep mask is also available. This prevents light from passing through, that includes magnetic components, Far Infrared, and elements creating negative ions.



A sleep system that provides improved support for the musculoskeletal system, improved temperature control and additional improvements in comfort will help reach quality, restful sleep.

Good-quality sleep can help improve mental functions such as learning ability, decision-making skills, and memory, that leads to increased alertness and mental performance.

Creating an environment that ensures sleep quality can also benefit the physical health including fatigue resistance and recovery, improve immune system functions and the ability to resist premature aging, stress, and regulate the production of hormones, which can help prevent weight gain or obesity.

Understand the magnetic products and the well-being provided

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