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Nikken's PiMag® Water Filter Technology combines a filter system for tap water. The configuration of these systems varies according to the requirements of each product. However, all products with this technology produce the same result, water that filters out chlorine and all the toxic elements remaining in running water.

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Nikken PiMag Water Filter Technology incorporates a system of multiple filters, providing defense against a multitude of contaminant particles found in tap water. Among other filtration materials, there is a natural carbon filter, which captures microscopic particles. Charcoal is a natural material that works on the principle of adsorption. It provides a large surface area for adsorption and thus provides an extremely efficient means of filtration.

The PiMag Waterfall® fountain, a device powered by gravity, has several stages of filtration. Water flows between Pi ceramic spheres during this process. The final stage involves a bed of mineral stones, based on the agitation/drop filtration found in naturally clean water streams.

The slightly alkaline water produced by the PiMag Water filter Fountain can help overcome the acidic nature of a typical diet and other environmental conditions. This decreases the redox potential – a high Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) contributes to oxidative decomposition. The Nikken Pimag filter allows an ionizing effect further enhances the reduction of potential oxidation, providing ions to neutralize free radicals.

Similar filtration, pi and magnetic technology, is built into the PiMag sports water filter bottle.

The PiMag® Ultra shower system uses a different filtration process to reduce the chlorine that is absorbed by the body through the lungs and skin when you shower. This shower system is composed by a technology which neutralizes chlorine with a copper-zinc redox process. In addition, a super thin filter removes a large number of other contaminant particles from water, such as iron, sulfide and heavy metals.

Magnetic and Pi systems

A unique feature of PiMag water filter technology is the addition of Pi minerals to the process. Pi water was discovered by Japanese scientists in the 1970s. Observations then suggested that the water from a stream in an isolated hill had a remarkable effect on the plant life of the region.

Scientists examined the environment and found out that it has an unusual set of topographic features. The surrounding hills contained magnetite and calcium. The stream flowed over silicates, a material that produce natural crystal. The water from this stream combined atypical minerals and was naturally alkaline. This alkalinity helps balance an acidic diet and stress-induced acidity that is usual in life today.

Laboratory reproduction of these conditions resulted in a form of this “pi water”. Magnetic Technology has been added to it, since a magnetic field helps treat water without adding salt or other chemicals.


Independent tests, including those performed by public agencies including the US government, have shown that source water for municipal supplies can contain significant amounts of pollutants. The chlorine or the ozone that have been added to combat those dangers are also toxic. Reducing contaminant particles and chlorine can provide a water with the potential for better health.

PiMag water filter technology also has advantages over commercial bottled water. An obvious advantage is its cost: the purchase and operation of a PiMag product, which filters tap water, is less expensive than the cost of continuous buyings of bottled water, which is often nothing more than treated tap water.

The environmental cost of bottled water is also staggering. A mountain of discarded non-biodegradable containers could become an ecological disaster.

Health risks are bigger than the environmental ones with those plastics. It is known that certain chemicals included in plastic containers can seep into the water, particularly if the bottles are stored or left on shelves for a long time.

By consuming that water, those chemicals can be absorbed and kept in the tissues of the body. Owning and using a PiMag water product avoids the potential danger associated with regular buying of bottled water.

Water is essential to help the body work: digestion and absorption of nutrients, proper circulation, elimination of toxins and much more. Ensuring that you receive a sufficient quantity of good quality water is therefore essential.

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